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How to Make Trendy Pillar Candles

Are you ready to embark on a journey of creativity, warmth, and endless possibilities? Introducing our latest ebook: "A Guidebook for New Pillar Candle Makers". If you're a curious beginner looking to be one of the Etsy app's next star sellers or you're curious on how to make your own table setting and home decor for your coffee table, this ebook is a great way to begin your journey to mastering the age-old art of creating stunning pillar candles. Let's take a look at How to Make Trendy Pillar Candles.

Two pillar candles sitting on a shelf

How to Make Trendy Pillar Candles: A Guidebook

Why Pillar Candles?

Pillar candles aren't just about illumination; they're about leaving a lasting impact. They are primarily made for decorative purposes and come in different heights and various sizes.

They are a true reflection of artistry and passion. Every year Etsy releases their Marketplace Insights of trends they're predicting for the upcoming year, and for 2024 many of the home decor elements fit the bill for pillar candles! 

Our ebook takes you through every step, from teaching you about the different wax options to mastering pouring techniques, troubleshooting common issues, and adding that special touch to your creations to sell.

What You'll Learn:

Materials and Tools Mastery:

  • The first thing we dive deep into is the world of type of wax options, wicks, adding fragrance oil to your wax mixture, candle color dye, molds, using a double boiler and pouring pot, and other essential tools.

  • Learn how to choose the right materials for your unique pillar candles.

The Pouring Process Unveiled:

  • A step-by-step guide to melting wax like a pro. Learn best practices for melted wax including wax temperature, how to prep you candle mold, pouring on a level surface, importance of a second pour, and more! 

  • Pouring techniques for different effects, from single pours to marbling.

Troubleshooting Like a Pro:

  • Address common issues like how the wax cools and has air pockets and uneven burning with confidence. 

Packaging Expertise:

  • Master the art of packaging for e-commerce, ensuring your candles arrive in perfect condition.

Selling Your Creations:

  • After learning about how to make the best pillar candles, next steps include setting up your online store or explore local markets with strategic tips.

Why Our Ebook?

  • Comprehensive Guidance: From crafting to selling, we cover it all in our latest version of our ebook.

  • Expert Tips: Learn from an experienced candle maker and business owner.

  • Practical Approach: No fluff, just practical advice to kickstart your candle-making journey.

  • Additional Resources: Perhaps the best and most valuable section of the ebook is the last part. I give direct links to all the supplies I use for candlemaking. I like where I buy my natural soy wax, clean molds, dye blocks/chips, and more!!

  • Everything I Wish I Knew: Everything in this guidebook is what I wish I had known when I got started as a candlemaker. I joined countless Facebook groups to try and learn from other experienced candlemakers, but it seemed like everyone wanted to gate keep their process. I'd also look to Youtube for tutorials, but it seemed like it was mostly hobbyists and amateurs. Example: if they're microwaving the wax it's probably a red flag!! 

How to Get Your Copy:

Ready to grace the world with the charm of YOUR pillar candles? Grab your copy of "A Guidebook for New Pillar Candle Makers" now and unlock the secrets to creating candles that stand out. Whether you're looking for a creative outlet or dreaming of turning your passion into a business, this ebook is your essential guide and personal help center.

Don't miss out— spark your creativity and craft your own candle legacy today!

Craft on and light up your world! 🕯️✨

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