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Candle Making Tips: How to Fix Sink Holes

If you are new to making candles, one issue you may face is your candle having a sink hole after drying. When I was in the early stages of making candles and before I started August Candle Company, I had no clue why sink holes were happening and it was frustrating. Let's discuss what sink holes are and how to fix them.

Have you ever experienced sink holes while candle making?

  • Ugh. Yes!!

  • No, I'm the best candlemaker ever!!

  • I don't make candles...I'm just here to learn something new!

What causes sink holes?

Sink holes are caused during the cooling process of candle making. While the wax cools and solidifies, the air tries to work its way up to the top to be released. If some air doesn't make it out, an air pocket will form - which looks like a sink hole.

How do i prevent sink holes?

There's no magic trick you can do that will guarantee avoiding sink holes every time you make candles, but there are some hacks you can try to try to reduce and prevent them.

One think you can try is pouring your wax at a lower temperature than usual. Don't do too low of a temperature though or your candle might end up with other issues!

Another trick you might consider is poking holes while your candle is cooling. All you need to do is take a tool like a wick pin or chopstick, or even a stirring rod and poke holes in the wax after it's poured. As the candle gets cooler, this can get messy. It's best to do it in the earlier stages of cooling.

How to fix sink holes?

If your prevention methods don't work, you'll want to try fixing them after everything is cooled.

After the candle dries, use a heat gun to remelt the wax on the surface and fill those holes! This gives the candle a smooth top/bottom depending on the type of candle being made.

Why is it important to fix sink holes?

It's important to fix your sink holes for pillar and aesthetic candles especially. The sink hole can often be an eye sore, and will ruin the whole esthetic.

It's also important to fix because sink holes can effect how the candle burns. If there are air bubbles

and sink holes, the candle will tunnel and not burn evenly. Ultimately, the candle will burn faster - not good!


In conclusion, sink holes will happen, but they can be fixed. Candle making involves a lot of experimenting. Over time you might find the best pouring temperatures to minimize this issue for you. In the meantime, you now know a few tips and tricks to take care of this problem.

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