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My name is Leslie

I'm the owner of August Candle Company! 

In 2021, I made the best decision to quit my corporate job and pursue a more flexible career as a new mom. This career change led me to working for a local small business. I enjoyed the more personable aspect of small business and was able to really see the beauty of what it means when people shop small. 

I've always aspired to be a business owner myself. After many failed attempts at different business ideas, I finally found a passion in my hobby of making unique pillar candles. It was a hobby that allowed me to express some feminine creativity that was sometimes lacking in my life as a boy mom. I thoroughly enjoy the craft and decided to pursue the business side of it.

After discussing it with my husband, I decided to stop talking and start doing it. I did the research, put in all the behind-the-scenes work to get the business started, and made it happen! 

Since we officially opened for business in early 2022, August Candle Company has built a reputation for designing aesthetic soy candles of the finest quality. Though we ship to customers far and wide, each item that we sell is still made right here in Wichita, KS. Each item that ends up in your home is sourced, crafted, and packaged with dedication and care.

If you are a shop owner interested in purchasing candles at wholesale prices you can shop directly on Faire for discount pricing. Our best selling candles have beautiful packaging that will surely catch everyone's attention. You can preview our custom packaging here on PackM's website.

"Quality candles! Love them as functional house decor. Supporting a mom's small business is a bonus! 🌼"

- Megan C. | Google Review

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